Went with fam during our whole 30 challenge.

zoës kitchen menu pdf

It was amazing that they had whole 30 selections on the menu!! The price point is pretty good considering the quality Sometimes it takes them a bit long to get your food ready, but they receive a lot of mobile orders that they are filling throughout the day. The staff is very friendly!

I appreciate having healthy choices other than salads for a reasonable price. This is one of my go to places to meet friends for lunch. Vibrant restaurant with lots of healthy options. I had the "Gruben" a healthy sandwich option which uses turkey instead of corn beef, a tasty cabbage slaw, grilled on whole wheat bread. They also have Bowls and a tasty beef choice. The staff are very friendly Food is alway terrific. Only thing I miss is the olives on your classic hummus.

Always greeted with smiles. Great store, good people,great food.

Zoes Kitchen Catering Menu Prices and Review

I ordered through the app. Arrived during lunch time to pick it up. It was hot and ready when I arrived. The raviolis and salad are amazing!!! Delicious as always! Love the convenience of ordering in the app and using promos! I love Zoe's! It's healthy and they always have my order ready in record time.

Everything always tastes great!We really like Greek and Mediterranean food. We were so hopeful to find this place, offering fast casual mediterranean fare. We were disappointed to find no tabouli on the menu, but pushed that aside.

We kept trying, coming back again and again to taste different But finally, I've given up. The food is mediocre at best. Nothing stands out, even taking the lower prices into consideration. Still looking!

We often enjoy Chicken kebabs and roasted veggies with the salsa verde. Clean, fast, friendly staff, and a great value for frequent dinners looking for flavor value.

The "Chicken Piadina" is so god i could live off Both hot and cold potatoe salad is terrigic. The title says it all. Great flavours all around. Bright acids, hearty herbs, and the perfect amount of spice. I ordered 11 pumpkin bread loaves as gifts for Christmas. Zoe made a special crumb topping bread, individually wrapped, boxed and put a bow on them. All I had to do was deliver them. VERY reasonable price too!

Great gifts for anyone on your On the road and we needed some lunch. We really detest most fast food so finding someplace to grab a quick meal that is also tasty and healthy is not easy. We pulled in to the plaza because there was a Chipotle next door.

So glad we took a chance and gave this place a try. The menu is Mediterranean inspired and as a quick serve restaurant, this is anything but typical. First of all, it was nice to have the food brought to our table and to be served in real plates and bowls rather than disposables.This Greek-influenced menu encapsulates the concept of healthy fast-food. The inspiration for the business had come from years of watching her mother cook traditional, Mediterranean influenced family style food.

It was with the involvement of her son, John Cassimus that the business really began to flourish. It was John who suggested the idea, and was subsequently in charge of, franchising the business. By the company opened their second restaurant in Hoover, with their third being opened shortly after, inin Birmingham.

The first location outside of Alabama was also opened inin Nashville Tennessee. It was in that there was a big shift in ownership. By this point the company had grown to 20 locations when Brentwood Associates purchased a majority ownership stake in the company.

The chain now has over stores across 17 states, with plans for more locations in the not too distant future.

Hungry? Let’s Eat!

The company has solidified their reputation for: quality, healthy, flavorsome cuisine and are well on their way to conquering the Greek-style fast-food industry. The staff are friendly and extremely attentive and aim to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. In addition to this they also have various vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Some of their most popular items are, first and foremost, their hummus and pita. The hummus comes in a variety of flavors: basil pesto, red pepper or classic.

Zoe's Kitchen

The Greek salad is a combination of the freshest salad leaves, tossed to perfection, or how about one of their homemade steak kabobs, flawlessly grilled to retain its wonderful flavor. While they are slightly more expensive than some other fast-food chains, their prices are still competitive.

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Zoes Kitchen, Cumming

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Taco Bell is a restaurant that serves delicious tex-mex food; as per the name, they were originally focused on their Skip to content.

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Blaze Pizza Menu Prices. Taco Bell Menu Prices. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

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Read previous post: Taco Bell Menu Prices Taco Bell is a restaurant that serves delicious tex-mex food; as per the name, they were originally focused on their Classic Sandwiches.By: Author Keto Molly.

Let us help! Good news! Fresh food with a greek flair, from fish to beef to chicken — they offer a great variety of tasty food. Since there are numerous ways to order the different menu options, I am highlighting our top choices. This is my current favorite dish, and I just so happen to have eaten here last week.

I added chicken for some additional protein. Also, this thing is huge. It takes me 3 meals to complete it. Chilled cauliflower rice with house-made tzatziki, Israeli skhug, feta, cucumbers and fresh dill.

You can choose which side of protein you want. Here are their cauliflower rice bowl protein options that are low carb: chicken, salmon, or lamb. Tip: Order an extra side of Israeli Skhug. Use it on leftovers to help revive the flavors. In addition to being KETO friendly, it is gluten-free and can be ordered as a vegetarian dish. So if you are doing vegan KETO — this is an option for you!

In case you are a carb, macro, etc etc etc tracker — check out Zoes Kitchen Nutrition — get full nutrition details here. Chicken grilled with an awesome taste, all on top of their marinated slaw see below for more info on this. Tip: Order an extra side of slaw. I never liked slaw before eating this version. It has the perfect combo of cheese to cabbage. Also, this is another dish you can make more than 1 meal out of.

Cabbage never tasted so good. Zoes Kitchen marinated slaw is tops. Tip: I rarely ever leave this place without picking up a marinated slaw to go. Their meat marinade is TOPS. Nutrition values will vary depending on the type of kabob you order. For specifics, check out Zoes Kitchen Nutrition — get full nutrition details here.What's wrong with this menu? Zoes Kitchen. Call Menu Info. Catering Menu. Here at Zoes Kitchen, the celebration continues with fresh ingredients that make you feel as good as they taste.

Every delicious item on our menu is made fresh daily and served with a generous side of our southern hospitality. Pick Two! Yaya's Hand-Made Chocolate Cake. Greek Salad.

Pesto Farro. Pasta Salad. Family Meals Option 1. Family Meals Option 2. Chicken or Veggie Kabobs. Grilled Chicken Breasts. Chicken Orzo Pomodorina. Chicken or Spinach Roll-Ups. Consuming raw or undercooked meats or seafood may increase your risk of food borne-illness. Mediterranean Chicken. Flat grilled, caramelized onions, braised white beans, side greek salad, pita bread.

Two kabobs, grilled peppers and onions, tomato, rice pilaf, side greek salad, pita bread. Charbroiled portobello, zucchini, peppers, onions, tomato, braised white beans, side greek salad, pita bread. Two kabobs, zucchini, rice pilaf, cucumber raita, side greek salad, pita bread.

Two steak kabobs, red bell pepper, onions, grilled potatoes, roasted vegetables. It's a delicious break in anyone's day - fresh-prepared lunches, individually packed for any size group. Greek Salad Lunch. Live Med Salad Lunch. Chicken Salad Sandwich. Classic Turkey Sandwich. Pimento Chesse Sandwich.

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Lean Turkey Pita. Mediterranean Tuna Salad. Greek Chicken Pita. Chicken Roll-Ups. Steak Roll-Ups. Spinach Roll-Ups. Pimento Cheese Sandwich. Mediterranean Tuna Pita. Italian flatbread sandwich with grilled ham, fresh mozzarella, mixed greens, calabrian pepper aioli, lemon vinaigrette.Zoes Kitchen is a Mediterranean restaurant that boasts its all natural food preparations.

Establishing the restaurant was a no brainer for Zoe since her lifetime of serving food to family and friends gave way to her dream of cooking healthy meals for more people to enjoy. Zoes Kitchen has a reputation of serving fresh meals that were made from scratch and has a unique practice of not frying their food; instead, their way of cooking Mediterranean-inspired food is mostly by grilling.

If you are more conscious especially when it comes to your diet, Zoes Kitchen will be a perfect choice for you since, not only do they serve gluten-free food, they also have vegetarian and vegan options.

zoës kitchen menu pdf

Organizing an event for huge groups includes serving meals to people with dietary restrictions. While some people are vegetarian or vegan, others need high protein food and catering to all those needs is made possible by Zoes Kitchen catering. People love how their food is both satisfying and good for you. Be it a simple gathering with your friends, or a big party for your coworkers, Zoes Kitchen is committed to give you the most convenient way to entertain your guests. Zoes Kitchen made it even easier for you to avail of their catering services.

Occasion themes are available on their website for your reference. Zoes Kitchen catering has also made party packs so it will be easier for you to choose the food to be served to your guests without taking much time to go through their menu one-by-one.

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Not only do they serve you healthy delicious food, they have also partnered with The TomKat Studio to help you have a stylish party. Take note that you will have to wait for their staff to reach you via email, although they respond within 24 hours, it will be advisable to place your order at least 24 hours before the date of your event. Zoes Kitchen catering is loved for their healthy, gluten-free, and vegan options when it comes to their delicious meals.

One of their bestsellers is their Chicken Kabobs which includes chicken, rice pilaf, Greek salad, and pita bread. Their Protein Power Plate is also recommended by their customers since it is as good as their Kabobs but can be prepared much faster. Zoes Kitchen delivers your order to you making it even more convenient and hassle-free. Their prices are a bit high compared to other catering services but the quality of their food is unquestionably higher than the others.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a family owned business serving home-style cooking and known for their warm southern hospitality Skip to content.The main target of this restaurant is lunch-goers and has a Greek-inspired limited menu.

The restaurant was founded by Zoe Cassimus, who is very much interested and spent her life cooking for friends and family before launching the restaurant trade. The chain now spread to more than stores in 20 states and is still planning for more locations but not very distant areas.

Without using fryers or microwaves, grilling is the prevailing process of cooking, including an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, olive oil, fresh herbs, and lean protein. All their items are prepared from the fresh ingredients in the most healthy way that is in their menu nothing is fried. Though the restaurant serves fresh and better ingredients, they also provide crave-able meals that make customers visit again and again.

The cost of the dishes may be high compared to fast food but are competitive with the remaining quick-casual restaurants. If you want to know the price of your favorite dish before going to this restaurant or to order online, you can view in detail about the price here.

zoës kitchen menu pdf

The soups are served in different quantities like cup, bowl, quart, half a gallon. Based on the quantity, the price varies for a cup. The Zoes Kitchen menu prices of all these Sandwiches are tabulated below. The price varies based on the quantity that is for Pint.

If people in your party or friends are gluten sensitive, then there is a separate gluten-free menu. The catering menu includes:. Zoes Kitchen calories for a few items are given below. You can check out the official document provided above, to check the Zoes Kitchen menu Calories, Sodium, Proteins, Trans Fat, Saturated Fat, Sugar content and more for all the food items. Items at this kitchen may contain fish, egg, milk, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.

As the kitchen is common for preparing every dish, so there is no guarantee that one or other items will be allergen-free. So it is better to notify the staff if you have a food sensitivity or allergen before making an order.

Phone Number : Want to taste the food from Zoes at your home? Within no time, the food will be at your doorsteps. Check out your nearest location, then order and enjoy the tasty food. The working hours may differ based on the location, weekends, and holidays.

So it is better to contact the store manager of the place you want to visit. Here are the opening and closing hours of the restaurant. From Monday to Sunday the timings are from If you want to enjoy the fresh, homespun, tasty food, then this is the one to visit. The locations are modern, brightly colored, and clean with a number of seating choices.

The staff here is extremely conscientious and friendly and helps you in enjoying the food in all possible ways. Their Mediterranean style dining has many food options like salads, soup, hummus, classic sandwiches, desserts, entrees, and drinks. Children under age 12 have a separate menu along with this they have included various vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices.

The most popular items to try out here are pita and hummus. Items are prepared from fresh ingredients, and quality is assured. You can check out the Zoes Kitchen menu prices above for more clarity. So here we are providing the details for all the dishes from salads to desserts based on the up-to-date menu price.


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