BTW, those of you who believe that all speaker cable sounds the same, keep moving, there are other threads out there you can read. I've read a lot of stuff about "tone" but that does raise small red flags in my mind as it implies some alteration of the sound signature.

My real aim here is to get a sound that is expressive in the midrange. But I like my cake and eating it too so I really would like some decent bass. I had another SNA member over to my listening room this week. I have my Anti-cable 2. I started our brief listening session with the Atlas cables on and played a few tracks. The midrange is quite elevated with these cables, which I admit, I really like is an elevated midrange "real"?

I think the other SNA member was quite taken aback by the dramatic change but as I said, my speakers are quite revealing. I know that's a long shot but I have heard that the AWG12 is darker more bass?

Yes, if you've read any of the internet raves about the Dueland cable they say "don't use terminations" etc.

Every little detail makes some change for better or worse and my system and speakers are resolving enough to show small things like this. If I do remove the tin, is it possible to remove it through physical abrasion or would some sort of chemical or heat treatment get rid of the tin tin melts at a lower temp than copper so I could use a soldering iron to get it up to a sufficient temperature perhaps.

Anyway, any advise would be great. If anyone has used any of the Dueland tinned then I'd be appreciative of your thoughts. If you have a set and you hate them, let me know and I might take them off your hands. HdB 18 posts. Addicted to music 11 posts. Martykt 10 posts. November 4, About all those tweaks October 17, October 18, I used the 16awg, running ML1's via a triode strapped EL34 amp that might be rated around 20w - 23w.

duelund cable burn in

The Duelund cables had better tonality to instruments and vocals right across the range, and very nuanced with nice layering that showed more variations in each sound whether they were drums, violin, piano or vocals. I used the low mass saw tooth banana type connectors or whatever they are called, and noticed no sound penalty compared to bare wire and I initially tried them bare wire. I would be interested if someone compared the 16awg and 12awg as well.

I don't subscribe to the 'using cables as tone controls' as the two things are completely different. If it sounds more natural and more correct it doesn't sound like when using tone controls to my ears. That's exactly what I was after!This all started for Jeff because of a recommendation from Mr.

Here are the links to my first and second posts on Duelund wire. You might ask what led me to put the Duelund back in again after my conclusions in Part II.

I had just gotten the Strain Gauge back from Peter who had just brought the cartridge up to the most current model. I should mention it sounded exactly like it did when it was brand new. It seems that tinned-copper wire after not being played for a while sounds a little rough, brash, and two-dimensional. It begins to sound a little better after about 5 hours, but just like when it was new, it took nearly hours to sound really good. Another area that is improved by this wire, especially with the DS-Audio Master1, is the soundstage.

On the plus side, the soundstage with the Duelund is also holistic and very believable. One of the best things about the Duelund wire is how emotionally involved my system sounds when using it. It also, makes it more difficult for me to describe the sound. I promise you it is wonderfully musical, but I find it very difficult to describe in audiophile terms. There is no doubt the High Fidelity UR are significantly quieter, making it much easier to hear the air around and within both instruments and voices.

I was also correct when I said the bottom end was tighter and deeper, what surprised me was that over time I missed this more than I had thought I would.

Which of the two cables sounded most alive seemed to vary from album to album. I still hear those three differences, but the differences are smaller with either the Master1 or the Soundsmith Strain Gauge than with the DS-W1. I also think the use of the Belden microphone cables as interconnects increased the difference. Remember how the word leaked out of Japan about how wonderful Direct Heated SET amps and high-efficiency speakers sounded. Then the price began to skyrocket, and even worse, counterfeits began to appear on eBay.

Thankfully there are still companies like Duelund Coherent Audio who have the ability to not only reproduce but actually slightly improve on the NOS wire. Not only did they give us the wire; they priced it lower than we could have ever hoped for. Thank you Duelund! Primary Menu Skip to content.

Search for:.I will make a set and compare to my current ICs, which are multiple strands 4 per side of high purity, solid-core, small-gauge 28awg copper in cotton, and which are the best-sounding ICs I have owned out of many. Also awaiting the anticipated Duelund 12 awg tinned copper in cotton, which I will twist as a quad and cross-connect with two runs per side for speaker cables.

Don't buy into some of the the urban myths, such as the only way the Duelund 16 awg wire sounds good is as single runs. Maybe on low-powered SET but more wire works better on both of my high-powered amplifiers.

Have had great success using two runs per side of cross-connected, 16 and 14 awg WE wire, which provides between 13 and 11 awg per pole.

Assembled cables

Currently using two twisted pairs of WE 10 awg to bi-wire each speaker and it sounds very good. I also made two sets of the Belden IC cables many have raved over, and I thought they sounded pretty bad compared to the ICs described above. There is not just one way to do something and the same thing is not always going to sound the same in different systems and to folks with different listening preferences.

When "reviewers" start telling folks there is only one way to do something, I become immediately skeptical. Is anyone fairly certain it is actually being developed and does anyone have any idea when it may be released?

Much appreciated, I think I will wait also, not like I need another set of cables anytime soon. LOG IN. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone have try this cable? I have never try the original WE cable but I want to buy this cable for my speaker. Other candidate is supra cable. Can someone give some feedback? Or you can read about them at Jeff Day's Blog, jeffsplace. Best speaker cables I have heard in my systems. Best, Rob. I know about Jeff's blog. Do you have link for Jack review?

I was surprised how similar they sound, but I definitely prefer the Duelund. The High Fidelity UR has a quieter background, there is a little more separation between instruments and voices, there was slightly more detail and the bottom end was tighter and deeper.

In the upper bass through the upper midrange the Duelund was simply more alive, you can hear more energy, more overtones from both instruments and voices, drums sound more like real drums.D uelund audio components, more and more speaker and amplifier manufacturers use their stuff. A label "Duelund inside" almost stands for quality assurance and for sure focus on high-end.

Duelund has a good reputation in manufacturing components with a true focus on musicality, which I like. So looking at their new line in cabling, the stranded tinned copper variety, how does that match to the tonal focus I tend to have?

Tinned copper resembles a copper core that is covered with a thin layer of tin and in the early days this was done to prevent the copper from aging rusting since the used cloth insulation was far from airtight. Adding tin to copper makes it much heavier since specific weight of tin is relative high. Duelund uses oiled cotton as insulation which is a bit different from WE as they used waxed cotton. Not all modernisation automatically stands for improvement, so let's give it a go.

DCA16GA - 1. Bought the 16GA a while ago and it replaced my homecooked multistranded and solidcore speakercable. To be sure that interaction between plus and minus is throughout the length about the same, I tied them together using some papertape no plastics please.

Big difference compared to my homecooked cable is the weight: The Duelund is relative heavy. DCA12GA - 2. This one is really heavy and rigid! One 12GA conductor equals almost two 16GA conductors. Tied them together as well and put them to work. As a friend of my put it quite descriptively: "If these were my first speakercables, I'd probably search on. Musicality to me is not about cripy details but about tone.

And details are not the highs nor the lows but mainly the mids. Having too much highs and lows in your systems works very well in a home cinema system but certainly does not reflect live music computerised music excluded. If one attends live music, that is without amplification, there will be lots of mids and even more mids and less highs and less lows.

duelund cable burn in

Also pinpointing instruments is quite difficult, most of the times it is a cacophony of sounds coming from the stage. That cacophony however has lots of tone, tone from each instrument and voice, and all that blends together assuring goosebubs when performed played well.

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Also dynamics! Every sound has body and impact, even the tiniest twinkle has energy. And that is what the Duelund DCA tinned coppers do best.

So if you are looking for the higher of fidelity these Duelund may not be to your liking, but when it comes down to reality and tone, your goosebubs will prove that. The difference in diameters is not expressed in quantity in lows, but going up in diameter will be rewarded by increased attack and body on each sound. There is almost no tonal difference between the 12GA and 16GA but I am convinced that the added weight on the 12GA mostly makes up for the difference in attack and body.

Duelund DCA16GA Part III

The combination of the oiled cotton and heavy stranded tinned copper conductors makes for a more vibration-free cable which is beneficial as well.After reading numerous reviews on the forums about how great these capacitors were for any and every application, I decided to give it a try. So I purchased a pair of. So I let the capacitor cook for another 24 hours. I listened with trepidation again and wow!! Across the frequency range, I would say that the Jensen has not got an answer to the Duelund Cast Cu.

Bass is better defined and has a more palpable transient attack, the entire recording just comes through significantly more. I purchased the cheaper Duelund RS for my lampizator L4 dac so that will also be an interesting experiment. I just wanted to share my experience with the web community since I have learnt so much. Limmie 21 posts. June 22, I also got a bit nervous after hearing it post installation because part of me actually believed the people who say that they did not believe in equipment burn in, that there was no such thing.

But af. June 25, I am using Duelund 2. It had more of everything Okay good tip. They became more listenable after 24 hours and sounded really good already. I am leaving them playing for at least 2 weeks non stop. I reckon the Duelunds are one of those capacitors which won't just change the sound or shift it from brighter to darker or vice versa I have always made a big deal out of HD recording etc but I really never knew that even red book quality had so much information we are currently missing because our information is all tied up by sub standard capacitor quality And any device or component that constricts information is not a good thing in my book because it obscures what the recording artist is trying to impart.

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Think about how much planning and financial commitment goes into recording some of the good stuff, only to have the listener truncate higher frequencies because that fella likes a warmer sound?????? But after letting it play for 24 hours, then coming back to have a listen I was glad that that crowd got it wrong again, for me anyway. Congrats, sounds like you are a convert.

But I have Duelund Alexandra caps in my main amp, and they are likely suspects for replacement with Duelund RS, so keep us informed on ya' thoughts when you get those too. So far, the capacitor reviews on popular websites have been consistent with what I am hearing regardless of the whether the application in speakers or electronics. I have an early AN M1 pre amp which I'm yet to try new caps in. Current ones which are original are surprisingly ERTO ?

Wound have to be 0. And I agree with the advice of, lots more hours are needed to settle them in - I would say hours should do it. Sorry the value is. I reckon it will be worth the money if your capacitor is part of the output stage. I believe the improvement would be significant especially for tube gear as it's a less complex design compared to SS Thanks for posting lindonlim.

Did you mean. Are they large in size? As much as I like AN, I don't think they are in the same league as the duelund cast.See you at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Kaiser Acoustics kindly filled their Kawero!

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Apparently our CAST v came out on top…. Further info: Link. We advise that you check out the interesting feature done by Mr.

Clement Perry of Stereotimes. A recent shuffling of the cards chez Humblehomemadehifi has graded our CAST capacitor even higher, further emphazising its lead as the capacitor of choice for true enthusiasts.

Recently, they launched their new speaker, emphatically christened Big Bang B. As a long time player in our industry, these guys recognise true quality! These very talented individuals have received endless acclaim, we advise you follow them closely. Apparently, the word transparency describes the enclosure and sound in equal terms.

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Our friends at Gryphon Audio Designs have just launched their new catalogue. A very warm velcome to Koheren Audio from Indonesia. This latest addition to our line of dealers ensures that customers seeking the ultimate advice in High End audio and Car Stereo should be well looked after in this fascinating country.

For an unusually intelligent comment on the current state of our hobby, may I suggest visiting this site run by Mr. Flemming E. Rasmussen of Gryphon Audio Designs, an old friend of ours. The unstoppable guys of Speakerbuilder. Peak Consult will introduce the Momentum upgrade on various loudspeakers in their line, but today we show you the Dragon Momentum.

To top things off, it is then CASTed to prevent any unwanted resonances. The end result according to Mr. Electrum Audio one of our very first dealers recently concluded their painstaking work creating their new home on the web, complete with all Duelund products and online ordering we deem it to be of very high quality and hope you do to.

Our apologies for the blatant misuse of the caps lock key, but when you are judged against nearly 50 other capacitors and come out as the true number 1, the sound of Ode to Joy seems to echo in your ears…. Tony Gee of www. Realising that something had to be done about this, we send a pair of Duelund Coherent Audio CAST capacitors to set the record straight. They are like the VSF super natural, smooth, clear and open. The tonal balance is extremely neutral, especially audible with good recordings of acoustic instruments and the human voice, so maily with classical music.

Like the VSF the separation of the individual instruments is very good and in an orchestra, the string section is a group of individuals rather than just a group.You've made a believer out of me! No amount of time in my system would ever have wrought the improvements the Cable Cooker accomplished. I cooked my cables for 72 hours P. I hear no deficiencies relative to sound music before cooking and, in fact, I can't find anything that has not improved!

That's quite a feat asusually, gains made in one aspect are accompanied either by losses or stasis in another. The effect of the Cable Cooker is absolutely terrific! How can this be, he queried?

Tempo Two - Jacky Terrasson \u0026 Cassandra Wilson

I have literally thousands of hours over 20 years on some of the cables I cooked. Yet, 72 hours on the Cable Cooker yielded a new level of detail and a heightened sense of musical enjoyment. The Cable Cooker is the real deal.

Again, wow! Times you originally gave me were right in the zone needed for optimum burn-in.

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Cables have been sounding great, and we've been getting good feedback from clients. I just opened the package and my first e-mail to you is fully justified.

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Anything, particularly anything of real value, should be packaged and presented in a way that respects and reflects the values of the presenter. Your care in packaging is manifest and, again, much appreciated. Just a short note to let you know about the cables. Well, there is now more of everything. The stage has gotten wider and more populated.

duelund cable burn in

There is new music in old music. More detail without being bright. First of all. I wanted to thank you for the fast delivery of my Audiodharma Cable Cooker.

I promised you that I will write about my opinion about this unit. I Do admit, I was little sceptical before the purchase and risk I made was heavy with this scepticism about this gear in my head. I have used these 12uF Duelund Capacitors for the High-band speaker for 1 year, and changed amplifiers because I thought that there lays the problem with openness and sweetness that I was missing after the upgrade my amplifier was broken about the same time I was upgrading on Capacitors in the speakers so in my opinion was that the Amplifier was the cause of this hardness in sound.

After 2 weeks of burning the wires of Crossover and the capacitors the sound became true Hi-End! I now have had a chance to use the Cable Cooker and can say that what if does is a true revelation. It is truly magical!!! It is one of the most cost effective upgrades in all of audio. Your equipment even sounds much better.

You really cannot assess your equipment without using the treated cables. Moreover, you cannot assess your cables until they are treated.

For example, a treated Cardas Cross cable sounds better than an untreated Cardas Golden Reference interconnect.

duelund cable burn in


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